My Name

  • My official birth name is Joseph, but people call me Josh. Why? I'll tell you... He's going to tell... He's going to tell... He's going to tell... He's going to tell...

  • My father went to Harvey Mudd College, just like I am now. My mom went to Pitzer College, another of the claremont colleges. Anyway, my dad took Russian at school, and had a brother named Joe who had died in a scuba diving accident. So he wanted to name me Joseph, after him. My mom agreed, so long as I was not called "Joe Jones" BORING! My dad and mom picked Sasha for my middle name, because my dad was taking Russian. But Sasha is a wussy name, my father felt, so something else needed to be chosen. Sooo... take the "Jo" from "Joseph" and the "sha" from "Sasha" and you have "Josha" This was my name until about 9th grade, when I shortened it to "Josh." I was sick of people asking my name, and then immediately saying "Joshua" I hate "Joshua!" I guess they assumed I didn't know my own name. THE END?

  • More About Me

  • I was born on March 4, 1977!
    I like pizza.
  • I owned a TI994A, and I played Hunt The Wumpus!