California Lutheran Away, 1/25/95, (Loss, SCIAC)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 25, Pts: 8, FTA: 4, FTM: 2, Reb: 10, Turnovers: 2, Stl: 2, Asst: 2, Blk: 1, PF: 3
Our only SCIAC loss of the season. Cal Lutheran caught us sleeping, and who wouldn't be if you've just won two games and are playing against a team with only six players, all of whom are white and under 6' tall? Unfortunately, #25 destroyed us on the board, a very strong arrogant bastard, who could only drive and rebound. He had 20 offensive rebounds against us and scored 36 points! With a six minutes left we finally pulled it within one point, but somehow they extended the lead back up to ten in two minutes. Mike Kellerson fouled out. The starters were Sean, Ryan T., Scott M., Mike and I.

Josh's Season Averages (To Date)

Min/g: 27.9, Pts/g: 9.5, FTA: 13, FTM: 6, FT%: 46.2, Reb/g: 10.1, Turnovers/g: 2.6, Stl/g: 2.1, Asst/g: 2.1, Blk/g: 1.4, PF/g: 3.5
Overall Record: 3-5 (0.429) SCIAC Record: 2-1 (0.666)
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