How to Suck for Experts

Expert Boot Suckage

by Josh Jones

  1. Throw like crazy when you win the glove, even when you can't kill people.
  2. Never Flame On!
  3. Don't throw two bombs over, then kick one to the aisle where they're hiding.
  4. Don't drop a bomb when somone throws at you so that you don't lose prizes.
  5. When you have a kick in the beginning, don't drop it one square over and then kick it.
  6. When you get the rhea don't pick a bomb above your head to stop it.
  7. Lay one bomb rather than two when an enemy is hiding in a cave so that they may boot to freedom.
  8. Don't drop bombs and wait a few seconds before you kick them.
  9. Don't press X when others kick your bombs.
  10. When you are very fast, don't drop one bomb, wait, and then straif the area.
  11. Don't run into caves that are about to be blown open to trick your opponents.
  12. Don't know where the Number One Spot is.
  13. Don't know that bombs kicked into the closing wall explode on impact.
  14. Don't know that stationary bombs swallowed by the wall are disarmed.
  15. When you get Boot Boot don't drop them both as fast as you can.
  16. Give up as soon as you are trapped, without throwing at nearby bombermen.
  17. Don't run over the skull even when there are other prizes immediately following.
  18. Don't wait on the other side of bricks people are blowing up, to steal the prizes.
  19. When standing in the Number One Spot, as the wall closes in, do not drop a bomb to keep other players from entering, and then pick up above your head when they move.
  20. Never win.