Boot Glossary

by Josh Jones

  • Absolute Two: A player rating of two, the lowest possible. See Dave.
  • Anti-Clog: The skates, when won in roulette.
  • Blades: See skates.
  • Boot: 1. n. The game of bomberman. 2. v. To kick a bomb. 3. n. The kick prize itself.
  • Boot Boot: The extra bomb prize.
  • Cave: An area enclosed on three sides by bricks, having only one entrance. Idiots go here to hide.
  • Connect: To drop a bomb in a location that connects the flames of bombs dropped previously so that they all explode simultaneously.
  • Clogs: The booby prize you can win in roulette that makes you start out slow as the gold bomber. There is a disease that gives you this as well.
  • Disease: The skull prize that inflicts the carrier with some malady. The disease may be knocked out of you, or handed off to another player. The only way to rid the game of the disease is if the carrier is killed. Flames pass through the disease and knock it to a new location.
  • Flame On! (like the human torch): If you have heart when you are killed first, the technique of dropping bombs repeatedly whilest still flashing invinsibility to kill all neighboring bombmermen. Because you are in a flame while you die, any bombs you drop explode immediately, posing a deadly threat.
  • Glove: The prize that allows you to push A a second time after dropping a bomb to pick it up above your head, and upon release to throw it.
  • Greed: To want prizes above all else, even your own life. "It was the greed" means he ran into a flame while trying to get a prize, probably something he already had.
  • Heart: The prize only available via roulette that allows you two deaths to everybody's one. It allows Flame On! to occur.
  • Kick: The prize that allows you to kick bombs by pushing into them. Pushing X stops your moving bombs, and you can never kick two next to each other.
  • Nice Take: 1. When a player knocks out another's prizes by throwing on their head. All players must say "nice take" when this occurs to avoid party fouls. 2. Any premeditated play executed with style and precision, resulting in a win.
  • Number One Spot: The last spot the closing wall reaches. The last refuge of the damned.
  • Prize: Those icons that endow you with super human abilities such as throw, boot, extra bombs or flame.
  • Rhea: The disease that makes you drop bombs uncontrollably.
  • Roulette: The game the winner of a series plays to determine the prize that they start with.
  • Skates: The prize that increasses your player speed. Also called blades or anti-clogs.
  • Terminal Velocity: Maximum speed, when getting another skate doesn't speed you up any more. There is a disease that gives you this.
  • Throw Down: A special case of the wrap-around throw in which you throw off the bottom of the screen so it appears on the top.
  • Up Chuck: A special case of the wrap-around throw in which you throw off the top of the screen so it appears on the bottom.
  • Wrap-Around Throw: Any throwing of a bomb that goes off one edge of the screen and comes back on the other.