How to Suck for beginners

Beginning Boot Suckage

by Josh Jones

  1. Don't read the instruction manual.
  2. Don't put in the 5656 code.
  3. Don't push X to stop bombs you kick.
  4. Don't push select to change your color in the selection screen.
  5. Don't know the terminology.
  6. Drop bombs so they only blow up one brick at a time, thereby minimizing chances for prizes.
  7. Drop one bomb at a time always.
  8. Never execute a nice take.
  9. Don't know that exploding bombs set off other bombs.
  10. Lay bombs in a manner that makes it easy for the adjacent bomberman with gloves to connect you by upchucking or throwing down.
  11. Stand in hallways one wrap-around throw away from an explosion.
  12. When another player dies, leaving prizes everywhere, get the blades last.
  13. Let people throw bombs on your head even when you have a throw.
  14. Never carry bombs above your head by pressing and holding A twice.
  15. Kick bombs that have been sitting for three seconds.
  16. Kick bombs into explosions.
  17. Connect only yourself.
  18. Get clogs.
  19. Once you get clogs, make a bee-line for another player.
  20. Play like the computer.
  21. Be greedy.
  22. Hide in corners.
  23. Don't have a kick.
  24. Tell everyone you don't.
  25. Panic.
  26. Don't watch the whole screen.
  27. Lay lots of bombs when early on, when a player within throw of you has a glove.
  28. Don't realize that when someone hits you with a bomb you are frozen for a second.
  29. In roulette, don't push A two spaces (or sometimes one) after the prize you want.
  30. Kill your friend in tag mode.
  31. Always ignore any computer players, especially when they get a glove.
  32. Don't blow up prizes someone else is about to get that are unreachable for you.