Volume Seven

Page 27, Chicken Thief Man, Ian Caldwell


Business Manager: Sean Kennedy
Exchange Manager: Janet Lee
Design Editors: Tweeny Kau and Esther Mina Huh
Fiction Editor: Michael Jo
Poetry Editors: Laurel Seely
Science Editor: Christina Leung
Feature Editor: Michelle Tsai
Technology Editor: Ryan Fong
Executive Editor: Tiffany Sedgewick
Shadwell cover, Confines, Daniel Schofield




Threshold is published annually as part of a publications package. Individual copies may be purchased at $7.00 each. All 10 point body was set in New Century Schoolbook. Headlines were set in Democratica, New Century Schoolbook, Futura, Book Jacket, and Papyrus. Additional headlines were handlettered by Rachel Lei and Mary Purcell. Hebrew calligraphy wasdone by Yoni Arbel.

The cover was designed by Tweeny Kau. Folios were designed by Esther Mina Huh and Tweeny Kau; the endmark was designed by Esther Mina Huh. Thanks to Sean DeYoe and Sherwin V. Jones for their assistance with photography. Special thanks to Mr. Okazaki.

Paper stock for Threshold is 80-pound gloss, and paper stock for Shadwell is 80-pound Cougar Opaque. The cover was printed on Crosse Pointe Gypsum using black and red ink. The binding is Perfect Bind.

Threshold was printed by Lake Lithograph, Manassas, VA. The 68-page magazine has a 7.75 by 10.5 inch format. It had a press run of 1600 copies.

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