Pomona-Pitzer Away, 1/28/95, (Win, SCIAC)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 32, Pts: 6, FTA: 1, FTM: 0, Reb: 12, Turnovers: 1, Stl: 1, Asst: 1, Blk: 3, PF: 2
Arch-rivals! A huge game, they move three players down from Varsity to put up a decent team. One big oaf, #45 hits 3 three-pointers in my face, but then I block him so he stops shooting. #10 almost dunks on me twice, but he misses one and the other one ended up only being a lay-up. I also blocked #10 on a jumper. I also blocked an itty-bitty point guard, which made me feel bad. It was pretty close, and at the end we won by six points. I grabbed a rebound with five seconds left in the game, and before they could foul me, I just threw the ball down the court, allowing time to run out before it bounced out of bounds. The starters were Sean, Ryan T., Scott M., Mike and I.

Josh's Season Averages (To Date)

Min/g: 28.3, Pts/g: 9.1, FTA: 14, FTM: 6, FT%: 42.9, Reb/g: 10.3, Turnovers/g: 2.4, Stl/g: 2.0, Asst/g: 2.0, Blk/g: 1.6, PF/g: 3.3
Overall Record: 4-5 (0.444) SCIAC Record: 3-1 (0.750)
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