Occidental Away, 1/20/95, (Win, SCIAC)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 18, Pts: 0, FTA: 0, FTM: 0, Reb: 7, Turnovers: 3, Stl: 0, Asst: 1, Blk: 1, PF: 5
Our first SCIAC game! Now is when it counts! We played Occidental at their place, and they had given us a nice whupping our first game of the season. But, we were a whole new team with Mike and Scott, and we blew them out 106-78! Strangely, this was the only game this season in which I didn't score. I seem to have a hard time against Occidental. I fouled out again, along with the only other Mudder on the team, Ryan Towata. He and I were the only ones that didn't score this game. Even paul had five point, including a three. Mike Kellerson went off this game, scoring 25 points, including a three! He just couldn't miss. Of course, he was dunked on, but who cares? We had 37 team fouls this game, almost double what Oxy had. Fortunately they missed 22 free throws! Practice, guys, practice. #52 fouled out with 8 points. The starters were Sean, Ryan T., Scott M., Mike and I. James played with us.

Josh's Season Averages (To Date)

Min/g: 28.0, Pts/g: 9.8, FTA: 8, FTM: 3, FT%: 37.5, Reb/g: 10.2, Turnovers/g: 2.8, Stl/g: 2.3, Asst/g: 2.0, Blk/g: 1.3, PF/g: 3.5
Overall Record: 2-4 (0.333) SCIAC Record: 1-0 (1.000)
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