Pomona-Pitzer, 2/28/97, (SCIAC, Win)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 30, Pts: 14, FTA: 10, FTM: 6, Reb: 11, Turnovers: 2, Stl: 4, Asst: 4, Blk: 0, PF: 3
This was undoubtably my greatest game ever. I am almost ready to retire on it, but don't worry I'll be back next year.. I still haven't dunked in a game! I did shoot my three-pointer though! I don't know if it counts stat-wise though, since it was an air ball that Ben Markum rebounded. So you figure I was probably pulled right away for that, huh? WRONG! Scali didn't see the shot and I stayed in another 3 minutes or so after it.. until he reads this he still doesn't know I shot that! But that's not what makes it a good game. We stopped 45, who beat us down last game by keeping him in foul trouble. He had three early in the first half and had to sit out a lot. We were still down by as many as ten or so in the second half. Notice my amazing free throw shooting though! I missed my first two and made six and missed my last two.. those were important ones though! They came with us down by one with 1:02 left in the game. Down 68-67 I believe. I also have to mention there was a fairly sizeable crowd, maybe 100 people. Too bad Tweeny wasn't there, but her flight didn't come in until after midnight.. but maybe I was playing with her in mind. Before I talk about the end of the game I have to iterate the game was just a lot of fun! We were down by a lot but I was just giddy out there with all my fans playing against Pomona-Pitzer the last game of the season before my girlfriend came out to visit for a week. I was covering Puff who I dominated. After a while he said to me jokingly, "boy I'm playing horribly," and I laughed because I knew I was in his head and eating his brain. He had a lot of turnovers that let us get back in it and I even did a nice little drive jump stop bank shot thingy on him as well as a turnaround from the baseline. Anyway! We were down by two and I missed both free throws! But for some reason I didn't think they were that important. I saw Saki on the sideline looking at me and making that "heart" symbol too, but it didn't work. Then they came down and worked the ball around and took a shot with 44 seconds left or so. But it missed and we got the rebound and called a time out (I think). As I was leaving the time out Scott made that "heart" thing again. We dribbled around for a while and were working it back and forth but weren't getting anything, and Pomona was playing good defense. I got the ball with seven seconds left in the post. I was timid though and passed it back out to Remo, who was cutting base line. Since there was only 4 seconds left, Remo pulled up for a shot but Puff jumped real high to block him and Remo had to shoot even higher to avoid the pack. So it was an airball, but I saw this whole thing, and no one was coming to me, so I caught that airball on the left side of the basket, with probably 3 seconds left (the crowd was counting down but I couldn't hear them, I only found out afterward), dribbled a power dribble to the right side, and had this sense that I didn't have to rush. So I powered it up and made the one footer with one second left on the shot clock, 9 seconds on the game clock. They called a time out and then once we saw their setup after the time out we called one to discuss our defensive strategy (they had the ball under our hoop). They got the ball in, though not directly at the basket, number 45 dribbled around at the top of the key and passed it to a guy in the post who was immediately double teamed and he dropped it off to another guy three feet from the basket, with me three feet from him. I jumped at him, trying not to foul, but I did, with the body, but it ain't a foul if the ref doesn't call it! so he airballed it over the rim with about two seconds left, but Puff (my man) got the rebound! But he fumbled it behind him and the buzzer went off before anything could go wrong! Celebration! It looked like Justin was going to cry!

Josh's Season Stats

Min/g: 25.2, Pts/g: 7.3, FTA: 39, FTM: 17, FT%: 44, Reb/g: 6.7, Turnovers/g: 1.3, Stl/g: 2.1, Ast/g: 3.2, Blk/g: 1.3, PF/g: 2.9
Overall Record: 6-9 (.400) SCIAC Record: 3-6 (.333)