Occidental, 2/18/97, (SCIAC, Loss)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 25, Pts: 5, FTA: 2, FTM: 1, Reb: 4, Turnovers: 2, Stl: 1, Asst: 4, Blk: 3, PF: 3
We lost this game too! They only had two Varsity guys this time even! We came out so dead in the first half that we were down by like 18 by half time and Scali gave us a good gut-check at half time. We came out heated up and got on a run which brought it close, I think within 3. But they kept hitting 3 and I think we couldn't stop them from running as much as we could. If only we hadn't dug ourselves such a deep hole in the beginning! Well, at least Caltech is our next game!

Josh's Season Stats

Min/g: 25.2, Pts/g: 6.5, FTA: 22, FTM: 8, FT%: 36, Reb/g: 6.3, Turnovers/g: 1.4, Stl/g: 1.7, Ast/g: 3.1, Blk/g: 1.5, PF/g: 3.2
Overall Record: 4-9 (.308) SCIAC Record: 1-6 (.143)