Concordia, 1/31/97, (WIN)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 30, Pts: 9, FTA: 3, FTM: 1, Reb: 5, Turnovers: 1, Stl: 1, Asst: 3, Blk: 0, PF: 2
Pop game! We didn't know we were having this game until Scali called everyone in the morning! We were planning on just having practice. I guess that was good, because we weren't too worried about the game, we just thought of it as a prelim for P-P tomorrow. We jumped on them early and really ran, coming out to a 14-0 lead and 45-24 at half time. We didn't want to think that it was over, but come on, we were dominating them. The final score was 73-71 though! We never got down, but they really came close, especially when we missed 4 free throws at the end allowing them to get very close. Oh yeah, Jeff Bamer started this game (for me!) which was the only different line up this whole season. Also I think this might have been the first game I've ever won here when we didn't have any Varsity guys down! Okay the funny thing was that when we asked Scali why we had a game today he said stuff like "Isn't it better to have a game than practice?" and "I just made some phone calls to set it up." After the game I asked a guy on their team when they knew about this game, and he said it had been on their schedule all year!

Josh's Season Stats

Min/g: 26.0, Pts/g: 6.8, FTA: 9, FTM: 3, FT%: 33, Reb/g: 6.0, Turnovers/g: 1.0, Stl/g: 2.1, Ast/g: 3.0, Blk/g: 1.5, PF/g: 3.2
Overall Record: 4-3 (.571) SCIAC Record: 1-1 (.500)