Yavapai, 11/25/96, (Loss)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 25, Pts: 4, FTA: 2, FTM: 0, Reb: 6, Turnovers: 0, Stl: 3, Asst: 3, Blk: 0, PF: 1
Yavapai is a Junior College in Arizona, and the team we played was their only squad. I covered number 4 who was Chris Webber with big head mode on in NBA Jam. We came out intimidated, thanks maybe a little bit to coach's use of the phrase "let's go down fighting" and thanks maybe to the fact that we were now in the position Redlands was in Saturday. Everyone on their team was bigger than us. We got out to a 17-4 deficit in the first five minutes, and then overcame our fear and kept even with them the rest of the way. Eventually losing by 13. It was a fun game though, I was pumped up and played a much better second half with virtually all my stats coming from then. Red and Nick played with us and Justin, Remo, Ben, Cory, and I started. I even won the jump ball from number four, but the ball was stolen from Remo. Webber also had an alley-oop dunk on my head. Sort of. I guarantee if we play as well as we did today the rest of the games we won't lose though!

Josh's Season Averages (To Date)

Min/g: 20.0, Pts/g: 5.0, FTA: 2, FTM: 0, FT%: 0, Reb/g: 6.0, Turnovers/g: 0.5, Stl/g: 3.0, Asst/g: 3.5, Blk/g: 0.5, PF/g: 1.5
Overall Record: 1-1 (.500) SCIAC Record: 1-0 (1.000)