Concordia, 2/16/96, (Win)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 15, Pts: 8, FTA: 0, FTM: 0, Reb: 10, Turnovers: 0, Stl: 2, Asst: 2, Blk: 2, PF: 4
This game was probably my best all season, which is too bad, since it was only 30 minutes long. That was because Concordia was about 40 minutes late, and the head coach didn't want our game interfering with the girl's one after us. I played a lot considering it was only a half hour. I had an amazing pass to Ryan Towata on a fast break for a layup, it snaked it's way right under the hand of the defender, and aother nice little pass to Cory. I got one of my baskets on a rebound on a free throw by Paisley. It was funny because I was not paying attention, and the ball was shot, everyone moved forward, and it bounced over them to me! HA! We won 80-57, and both Paul Seilo and Lindsey Rego sprained their ankles.

Josh's Season Averages (To Date)

Min/g: 14.1, Pts/g: 3.5, FTA: 4, FTM: 3, FT%: 75, Reb/g: 6.4, Turnovers/g: 0.8, Stl/g: 1.7, Asst/g: 1.9, Blk/g: 0.2, PF/g: 2.6
Overall Record: 13-0 (1.000) SCIAC Record: 7-0 (1.000)
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