Cal. Baptist, 12/9/95, (Win)

Josh's Game Stats

Min: 15, Pts: 4, FTA: 0, FTM: 0, Reb: 6, Turnovers: 2, Stl: 1, Asst: 1, Blk: 0, PF: 2
This game was originally scheduled for Tuesday, December 5, but instead only varsity played them on that night. I don't know why. What I do know is that Varsity was thrashed soundly, and the whole time their JV team was taunting us from the stands. When I say "us," I mean coach Ken, he was the only one there. Needless to say, he was pissed off about being called "pussy" and such, so we made extra sure we beat them on Saturday. We had all four varsity guys you see on the first page play with us, although the starters were Mason, Red, LeWinter, Gilbert, and I. I was under the weather, and had missed two practices (Wednesday and Thursday), and really didn't play that well, although I can't say I played too poorly either! We ended up winning 95-89 thanks in much part to Scott LeWinter's press breaking, Don Rock's three point plays, and John Pailey's free throws. It was a fun game since there was a large crowd who tried in vain to rattle us. For the last nine seconds coach put in Ben, Cory, Towata, Justin, and Carlos; but I guess they didn't mind too much!

Josh's Season Averages (To Date)

Min/g: 17.7, Pts/g: 5.0, FTA: 2, FTM: 1, FT%: 50, Reb/g: 6.7, Turnovers/g: 1.0, Stl/g: 1.7, Asst/g: 1.7, Blk/g: 0.0, PF/g: 2.0
Overall Record: 3-0 (1.000) SCIAC Record: 0-0 (-.---)
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