Rump Shaker by Wreckx-n-Effects

Check baby, check baby, one, two, three, four.
Check baby, check baby, one, two, three.
Check baby, check baby, one, two.
Check baby, check baby, one.

It's called the rumpshaker, the beach is like sweeter than candy
I'm feeling manly and your shakers coming in handy
Slide down my cloth from New York down by your Virginia
Tickling you around Delaware before I enter
So do seduction from faces to feet,
A wiggle and a tickle can make the night complete
Now since you got the body of the year come and get your award
Here's a hint it's like a long sharp sword.
Flip tails now let me see you shake it up like dice
The way you shake your rump is turning mighty men to mice
But A+ got a surprise that's a back breaker,
Now let me see you shake it up like a rump shaker!

It's Teddy, ready with the one two checker
Wreckx in Effects is in effect but I'm the wrecker
Of the track with the honeys shakin rumps with their back in
Bootys of the cuties steady shaking but relaxin
The action is packed in a jam like a closet beach,
Bound to get you up cold flowing like a faucet.
I mean to make you sit, I mean to make you jump,
But yet make the hotties in the potties shake your rump.
I like the way you comb your hair, unh
I like the stylish colors you wear, unh
It's just the little things you do, unh
That makes me wanna get with you, unh!

Shake it , shake it, shake it now shake it.
She can spend every birthday butt naked.
Body is soft, making me wanna squoosh her.
More chest in the game of rumper like a sub-woofer.
Shake it to the left, shake it to the right,
I don't mind sticking it to her every single night.
C'mon, pass the poo-poos and into pop her.
Shake it baby, shake it baby, shake it don't stop her.
Let me see you do the booty hop and make the booty stop,
Now drop and do the booty wop. (ooooooooo)
The way you shakin your rills really kills,
Is making brathills up a whole lotta bills!
But I ain't into tricking, just to treating.
And I ain't into treating every trick that I'm eating
now now now now now now now
Shake it now shake it now shake it don't stop!

My love for you is like a truck, BERSERKER!
Would you like to making fuck, BERSERKER!
My love for you is ticking clock, BERSERKER!
Would you like to suck my cock, BERSERKER!