Welcome to Jonestown!

A Virtual World Who is Josh Jones and what is Wienerland? Only one way to find out. Fart.

CMS Stag It's a new season for the JV CMS Stags! You can see our SCIAC championship 94-95 and 95-96 seasons. Learn about every game I've played!

Top of Gasket Our family has a company called Eklektika! The only thing we've got going right now is a great little toy my dad pantented, called Space Henge! You can see a picture of it here!

Groo Groo the Wanderer was the greatest comic ever made. The artist/creator/writer was Sergio Aragonés, and he had been doing a knock-up job of it for 140 monthly issues before calling it quits in early 1996. See characters and see reviews!

Slab Of Meat I lived in Meat Suite! Along with Seth Hanson, Travis Norsen, and Dan Kreider, there was no more happening place in the whole five colleges!

Threshold! A literary magazine that I worked on in high school, Threshold! This site has stuff from the last two issues, including the covers, sample pages, and information on who worked on them and what they won!

Boot Super Bomberman 2 is life. There is nothing else anymore. It's the greatest multiplayer game ever for the super nintendo or any system. Learn the intricate culture and of course dowload a version of it for pcs. Nice Take!

Pharcyde! Rap is very interesting music. The lyrics are abundant, and they fill my head. I have some lyrics figured out pretty well, commited to memory and html.

Counters! Ah, Counters are what infatuate me. Most people don't know that the real backbone of the internet isn't T3 ATM lines but rather these things. The internet would not survive without them. Really.

Zugzwang! ZugZwang is a game Dan invented which is really cool against another human. Admittedly, it sucks against my perl script, but check out the lego pieces I rendered! Woo hoo! Read the instructions by clicking on the ZugZwang © logo when you enter.

New Dream Network! That thing you see to the left is an "N" morphing into a "D" and back. It means New Dream Network, and it's going to make me rich..?

The NEW pepsi! You have the power to decide who will prevail in the NEW Pepsi challenge! Vote for your favorite use of the pepsi shirt, and see how things are going so far. Contest expired September 2, 1996! So too late!